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The Maylon House User Agreement

The Rental and Use Agreement must be signed and a Reservation Deposit received prior to any event to
reserve and confirm your special day at any of The Maylon House properties. Below is an informational
download of the Rental & Use Agreement. Highlighted topics covered in the agreement include but not
limited to: reservation & damage deposit, rental, food and beverage fees, service charges, taxes,
alcohol policy and rules & regulations, etc.


ON THIS the __________day of _______________, 20____, the parties, hereinafter named, freely
make and enter into the following contract between C&J Events, LLC, dba: The Maylon House, a
limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of West Virginia, hereinafter referred
to as “The Maylon House”, and________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Client”,
which creates a legally and binding contract between both parties.
            WHEREFORE, the above-named parties hereto, in consideration of the mutual covenants and
promises hereinafter stated, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of
which is hereby acknowledged, and set forth below, do agree as follows:
1.  Description of Group and Event.
Name/Type of Event:  _______________________________________________________________
Event Date(s):  _____________________________________________________________________
Usage Description:  _________________________________________________________________
Contact(s) Information:  ______________________________________________________________

Client Address:  ____________________________________________________________________
Client/Contact Phone #:  _____________________________________________________________
Email Address(s):  __________________________________________________________________
Estimated Guest Count:  ______________________________________________________________
2.  Property Rental. ___________________________________________________________________

            A.  Rental Fee/Reservation Deposit – Rental fee of $________________, $_________________, WV
State Sales Tax, and $____________________, City of Milton Tax, for a total of $_______________________ is
due and payable in the following increments:  the Reservation Deposit of $__________________ plus $_____________,
WV State & City of Milton Sales Tax, for a total of $___________________.  The Reservation Deposit required equals
to one third of the full rental price and is non-refundable.  Should this contract not be signed and returned with the
deposit within (10) days from the aforementioned date of this contract, it is no longer binding.  Another third of the
rental fee in the same amount is due and payable on [DATE] _________________.  A third payment in the same
amount is due on [DATE] _________________.  Once payments are made, they are non-refundable. Rental includes
the use of the facility(s) as outlined in Schedule A, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. 
Rental rates include rental of the facilities and grounds as outlined in Schedule A.  Rental times may not exceed
11:00 PM Monday-Thursday, 12:00 Midnight on Friday & Saturday and 10:00 PM on Sunday with Client and all
Vendors having vacated the premises at those times.  Extending an event beyond the designated rental times
will incur additional charges of $250 per hour;

            B.  Damage Deposit – A damage deposit of $_____________is due and payable on [DATE] __________________.
The damage deposit will be deposited at the time of submission.  A full refund of the damage deposit may be returned to the
Client if the event is not canceled or when the Client complies with this contract without damage to the facility, including real
& personal property, and the appearance of both real and personal property being substantially similar after the event to the
condition of the facility before the event.  This is solely at The Maylon House’s discretion.  The Maylon House will inspect
the facility(s) for both major and or minor damage to ensure all sections of this contract have been complied with.  Any
contract violations (including financial) and/or major or minor damage or loss to any items, real or personal, or outside areas
will result in partial or full loss of the Client’s damage deposit.  This deposit is in addition to the Reservation Deposit. 
All refunds, if any, will be mailed to the Client within (21) days following the event; and,

            C.  Taxes – All Rental Fee(s) will be subject to West Virginia State Consumer Sales Tax (currently 6%) and City
of Milton local tax (currently 1%).  In order for The Maylon House to accept tax exemption status, a photocopy of the Exemption
Certificate or Direct Pay Permit must be received with the signed contract.  Taxes are subject to change in accordance
with WV State Law and other applicable law(s).
3.  Food and Beverage.  All food/alcoholic beverages must be provided by The Maylon House, excluding wedding cakes,
unless prior written authorization is obtained from an authorized representative of The Maylon House within three
(3) months of the event date. 
           A.  Catering Fee – A MINIMUM Catering/Beverage Fee is required of $________________, exclusive of
the customary Service Charge (currently 20%), State Sales Tax (currently 6%), and the City of Milton local tax
(currently 1%), excluding gratuity.  In the event the Client fails to spend the minimum, the difference, only, will
not be subject to the customary Service Charge.  A Catering Deposit in the amount of $_____________
(equal to one-half of anticipated minimum food revenue) plus $_______________, WV Sales Tax, and $____________
City of Milton 1% Tax, for a total of $______________, shall be due and payable in increments.  The final guest count
(FGC), remaining minimum and estimated balance; including service charge, taxes due is payable on
[DATE]________________.   An attendance guarantee count will be due on [DATE] _____________.  If increased,
any balance due will be payable on the day of the event.  The Maylon House will not accept a decrease from either
the FGC or guarantee count given on these dates.  If the attendance guarantee is not received by The Maylon House,
the original final guest count will be the guarantee.  On the event date The Maylon House will charge for either the
guarantee or the number served at the event, whichever is greater.  If number served is greater than the guarantee,
this will be added to the final balance due.  If the buffet menu is selected, there is no catering charge for children age
5 and under; however, children age 3-5 should be counted separate and submitted in the final guest count.  If this
contract is made and signed after any of the above payment schedule dates, all catering fees and deposits which
would have already occurred will be due and payable at the time of the contract date.  All catering fees, once paid,
are non-refundable.  Please note:  If any outside (must be non-perishable), additional food is brought in by the Client,
it shall be the sole responsibility of the Client to provide serving supplies and serving staff, as well as arranging the
set-up and cleanup of said items;  

            B.  Menu - The Maylon House requires the menu selection thirty (30) days prior to the event unless otherwise
specified.  Menu selection and prices are guaranteed at that time.  Served food prepared by The Maylon House may
NOT be boxed and taken from the facility by the Client’s guests.  Any changes to selected menu due to any food allergies
must be submitted to The Maylon House at the time of menu selection.  In the event of an allergy, The Maylon House
shall be held harmless for any and all injury as a result of the consumption of food allergens, both known and unknown. 
If the Client has a concern regarding food preparation, please consult Maylon House Caterer, Angie Johnson; 

            C.  Confection Vendors – If Client utilizes outside bakery vendors, either the Client or Vendor must supply
display materials and provide any packaging supplies for taking away confections; and,

            D.  Alcohol Policy – ALL sales and/or service of alcoholic beverages MUST be provided by The Maylon House. 
Alcoholic beverages will not be served to minors or anyone appearing to be intoxicated.  NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOLIC
BEVERAGES are permitted or to be consumed on the property. In the event any guest brings outside alcoholic beverages
on the property, Client will be notified and may lose partial or all of their damage deposit.  If the Client elects to serve alcoholic
beverages at their event, it is mandatory for the Client to obtain liability insurance for such consumption with a liability
minimum of $500,000.00, naming The Maylon House as secondary insured on the policy.  The Client may purchase this
coverage from the Client’s insurance agent or contact The Maylon House for such insurance provider. 
4.  Cancelation/Liquidated Damages - If the Client cancels the event or moves the event to another city or facility,
such a decision would constitute a breach of this contract resulting in harm to The Maylon House.   Should the event
be canceled with The Maylon House or the event not held at The Maylon House’s facility, the Client forfeits the
damage deposit and will pay The Maylon House, as liquidated damages, within five (5) days after written
notification to The Maylon House of the transfer or cancelation as follows:

            From 0-30 days prior to event:        100% of minimum catering & rental fee
            From 31-60 days prior to event:        75% of minimum catering & rental fee
            From 61-90 days prior to event:        50% of minimum catering & rental fee
            From 91-180 days prior to event:      25% of minimum catering & rental fee
            Payments are subject to the all applicable state and local taxes.  Upon payment of liquidated damages,
The Maylon House forfeits all rights to seek additional recourse.
5.  Pre-Event Approval.  The Client agrees to conduct a walk-through with a representative of The Maylon House
on or before three weeks prior to the event in order to finalize the event schedule and client instructions for the event.
6.  Function/Facility Room Usage.  Facility(s) are not guaranteed by The Maylon House unless it is identified in
this contract and a deposit has been received.  Client understands the function capacity, as outlined in Schedule A,
which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, may not exceed 300 persons as mandated by the
WV State Fire Marshal, and is relevant to the options you choose to add (i.e. head tables, buffet tables,
audio/visual/media equipment, entertainment, space for dancing, display tables, etc.).  Only leashed service animals
are permitted on premises unless prior written approval has been granted by The Maylon House.
7.  Firearms/Weapons/Drug Usage, Etc.  No firearms, weapons, stun guns, fireworks, illegal drugs, or any other
illegal/illicit item(s)/substance(s) can be discharged, entered, used/consumed, or dispensed anywhere on the property
of The Maylon House.  Client agrees to hold The Maylon House and its agents/employees harmless in the event there
is an incident resulting from any of the aforementioned items in this section. 
8.  Set-Up, Breakdown, Clean-Up & Outside Vendors.  Set-up and breakdown shall be as outlined in Schedule A, which
is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.  If Client elects services of outside Vendors, it is the responsibility
of the Client and/or Vendor to provide and set-up their respective equipment, display materials, etc., as well as clean-up of said
items, immediately following the event.  All outside vendor(s) and their equipment and belongings must be vacated from the
premises by the allotted rental times unless otherwise permitted in writing from The Maylon House two weeks prior to the event. 
In the event prior approval is not obtained or the premises is not vacated, The Maylon House reserves the right to retain the damage
deposit and/or charge an additional $250 per hour over allotted rental time.  If necessary, The Maylon House may require outside
Vendors to provide their appropriate business and insurance documentation 1 month prior to the event unless The Maylon House is
currently in possession of the necessary documentation. 
9.  Smoking Policy.  It is prohibited to smoke in The Maylon House, the Morrison Grand Ballroom, any other structure on the premises,
or immediate vicinity thereof.  There are designated smoking areas on the premises. All smoking must occur within the confines of the
designated area(s).  In the event a guest violates the smoking policy, warnings will be issued to both the smoker and the Client. 
Dismissal of the warnings will lead to the Client losing $100.00 of the Damage Deposit.  In the event damage to real or personal
property occurs due to a violation of this section of the contract, the damage deposit will be forfeited. 
10.  Entertainment Requirements.  All entertainment scheduled at The Maylon House or the Morrison Grand Ballroom
must be approved by The Maylon House and vendor may be required to sign a contract with The Maylon House in advance
acknowledging the rules and regulations of The Maylon House.  All amplified music must cease at 10:00 PM Monday through
Thursday, at 11:00 PM Friday & Saturday and at 9:00 PM on Sunday, in accordance with the laws of the City of Milton.
11.  Displays, Exhibits, and Decorations.  All displays, exhibits and decorations must be approved by The Maylon House two
weeks prior to the event.  Decorations provided by The Maylon House shall be as outlined in Schedule A, which is attached
hereto and incorporated herein by reference.  Any and all damages and/or charges by outside vendors incurred while decorating
are the responsibility of the purchaser who signs the contract with said vendor.  Rules and regulations for decorating are as follows:
            A.  All decorations provided by the Client or vendor the Client wishes to keep must be removed immediately
following the event;

            B.  Signs and/or decorating are permitted only during the time period the facility(s) are rented or as outlined in the
contract.  Client or Vendors are responsible for providing ladders, supplies and set-up equipment;

            C.  All decorators and decorations must comply with Fire Codes, safety rules and regulations and decorators must
comply with the non-smoking rules and regulations;

            D.  All candles must be battery operated.  No fog machines, sky lanterns or fireworks are permitted on the property
unless approved by The Maylon House, in writing, two weeks prior to the event;

            E.  No tape, pins, tacks, nails, staples or any other substance(s) are to be used on the walls, ceilings or floors
unless approved by The Maylon House, in writing, two weeks prior to the event;

            F.  No glitter, sparklers, rice, bubbles, birdseed, silly string, silk petals, confetti or similar items are permitted
in the buildings.  Wire Sparklers, real flower petals, and bubbles may be used outside at the Gazebo Lawn area of the
facility.  The Client must obtain written approval by The Maylon House two weeks prior to the event.  If sparklers are
utilized, the Client (or agent thereof) must collect sparklers to be disposed of in the provided fire resistant container. 
Failure to comply with §9(F) may result in partial or full loss of damage deposit;

            G.  The Maylon House assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items used in decorating; and,

            H.  All outside (those not provided by The Maylon House, outlined in Schedule A) decorations and/or dishes,
serving pieces or supplies, set & clean ups of such are the sole responsibility of the Client or outside vendor.  Likewise,
Client must provide all materials and tools (ie, ladders, scissors, etc.) utilized for decorating.  THE MAYLON HOUSE WILL
NOT PROVIDE SUCH MATERIALS.  If any of The Maylon House’s material, property, etc. are utilized by the Client or agent
thereof, it may result in loss of partial or full damage deposit.
12.  Insurance and Liability.  All entertainment and other vendors must have insurance in place which is acceptable to The
Maylon House.  The Maylon House requires written proof of the existence of such insurance to ensure approval of said vendors
1 month before event.  Liability for damage to the facility(s), regardless of whether causation results from action(s) of the Client,
guest or vendor thereof, or any other person contracted by the Client to provide goods or services shall be the sole responsibility
of the Client.  Upon signing this contract, the Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Maylon House, C & J Events, LLC,
the City of Milton, the State of West Virginia, and agents/employees of each organization from any costs or expenses, including
attorney fees, from any harm that may incur to any person which may result from actions or services provided by an outside
vendor contracted by the Client.  Alcoholic beverage distribution is governed under §3(D) of this contract and is referenced
and incorporated herein. 
13.  Parking.  Parking for The Maylon House and Morrison Grand Ballroom is available in the designated areas only.  The Maylon
House reserves the right to have all vehicles parked in unauthorized areas towed at the owner’s expense.  No vehicles may be
left onsite overnight unless previous arrangements are made with The Maylon House and will be subject to towing or locked
on premises until venue is re-opened for business.  Please ensure this is announced to your guests.  The Maylon House is not
responsible for theft, damage, fire, or any other loss, to vehicles on the premises. 
14.  Hazardous Weather.  For the safety of all involved, should hazardous weather occur, such as tornado, severe thunderstorm
or winter storm watches and warnings, etc., The Maylon House reserves the right to mandate taking shelter, stop alcoholic beverage
distribution and require bands or musicians to switch to acoustic entertainment only, adjust volumes or terminate DJ’s or recorded
music until hazardous weather is deemed no longer a threat.  In the event hazardous weather requires the evacuation of the
property for the safety of the guests, the event will be terminated and guests will be required to vacate the premises.  In all above
cases for hazardous weather, the venue manager-in-charge will make regular announcements to inform the guests of the situation
progress and subsequent action(s) to be taken.  Please note that all fees are non-refundable for any reason including, but not
limited to, hazardous weather, natural disasters, acts of God, or terrorist attacks.  If event has to be canceled due to
disaster/hazardous weather circumstances, event may be re-scheduled on an alternate, available date.
15.  Rehearsals.  Client must schedule the rehearsal as soon as possible.  A rehearsal will be scheduled if there are no other
events currently on the schedule for the Maylon House on the requested date.  The rehearsal may last up to ONE HOUR
and the rehearsal must begin prior to 6:00 p.m.
16.  Miscellaneous. 
            A.  Any and all schedules, attachments, statements or other documents referred to herein or attached hereto
are incorporated herein by reference as though fully set forth at the point referred to in the contract;

            B.  If the Client is a corporation or other non-individual entity, it warrants it is properly organized and has
authority to execute this contract;

            C.  The Client warrants that they will comply with all relevant Federal, State and Local Codes, Ordinances
and Regulations, including, but not limited to, health and safety codes, fire codes, alcoholic beverage control laws,
disability laws and the like, including, but not limited to, those specifically cited in this contract;

            D.  The Client shall indemnify, defend and hold The Maylon House and its agents/employees harmless from
and against any claim, cause of action, or injury (including aforementioned food allergies) to persons or property arising
from the Client’s event or the Client’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this contract, including the
representations set forth herein, whether resulting from negligence or not.  The Client further agrees to indemnify
and hold harmless The Maylon House and its agents/employees from and against all costs, attorney fees, expenses
and liabilities incurred in or about any such claim, action or proceedings in conjunction therewith;

            E.  The Client is responsible and will reimburse The Maylon House for any major damage that exceeds the
damage deposit amount for the loss or liability incurred to The Maylon House or Facility(s), by any service or
goods before, during or after the function;

            F.  The Maylon House or the contracting group will not be liable for nonperformance of the contract with
The Maylon House or Client’s procured, outside vendors when such nonperformance is attributable to labor troubles,
disputes or strikes, accidents, government (Federal, State and Local) regulations of, or restrictions upon, travel or
transportation, riots, national emergencies, acts of God, and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, which
are beyond the reasonable control of either party.  The Maylon House will not be responsible for performance of this
contract if there is non-availability of food, beverages or supplies preventing or interfering with The Maylon House’s

            G.  In the event The Maylon House must retain an attorney, collection agency or other lawful method to
collect any funds due The Maylon House under this contract, the Client agrees to pay all expenses of collection,
including attorney’s fees and costs;

            H.  The Maylon House and its agents/employees shall be held harmless for any and all injuries to the client
and/or guests/agents/vendors thereof, including minors, on the premises, whether injury occurs on real or personal
property, whether the result of negligence or not.  This is binding upon all parties and their respective successors,
assigns, heirs, agents and personal representatives; and,

            I.  The Maylon House and its agents/employees shall be held harmless for any and all loss of personal
property occurring on the premises. 
17.   Contract Modification.  This contract and the attachments hereto contain all of the agreements of the Client
superseding any prior agreements, oral or written and may not be changed other than by an agreement in writing,
signed and dated by both parties.  This contract, together with any amendment(s)/attachment(s) hereto, shall be binding
upon and shall insure the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors, assigns, heirs and personal
representatives, except that the rights and benefits of either of the parties under this contract may not be assigned without
the prior written consent of the other party.  This contract may be amended at any time by mutual consent of the parties
hereto, with any such amendment(s)/attachment(s) to be invalid unless in writing, signed and dated by The Maylon House
and the Client.  This contract is governed by and constructed under the Laws of the State of West Virginia.  The undersigned
Parties, or their duly authorized representatives, represent and warrant that they have authority to enter into this contract and
hereby agree to the terms set forth above.
            This contract is to be signed and returned with the Reservation Deposit (including 6% WV Sales Tax and
1% City of Milton Tax) of $________________.   Should this contract not be signed and returned with the deposit within
10 days from the date in §1 of this contract, it is no longer binding.
C& J Events, LLC, dba:
The Maylon House:
___________________________________________________________ Date:  _________________
The Maylon House Representative

Attachment:  Schedule A

Contract Schedule A for ____________________
Rental Specifics:  Wedding Package Rental with access to the below listed Maylon facilities from 8:00 AM to 12
Midnight on _______________ and from_______________to_____________on__________________.  Services
include usage of The Maylon House Ladies Suite, the Morrison Grand Ballroom’s, and the Gentlemen’s Parlor for
wedding preparation of bridal party, the Gazebo Lawn for the wedding ceremony and Morrison Grand Ballroom for the
reception of approximately 100-150 guests.  Juke’s Tavern and Pip’s Patio will also be available.  Table and chairs are
provided with rental for reception and ceremony.  Access to the property for decorating purposes for the event must be
completed during the Client’s contracted rental time or if venue availability is open (2) hours access for decorating
may be transferred to the day before the event during regular business hours.
Food/Beverage: Client must utilize The Maylon House’s catering/alcoholic bar services, if applicable.  A minimum of
$__________, exclusive of service charge and taxes, will be required in food/beverage services and as outlined in above
contract, §3.  The Maylon House will be responsible for all setup, clean-up (except personal items), ivory or black
Tablecloths in House, only (no linens provided with Tavern/Patio tables), eating/serving materials and small table
centerpiece.  Service charge will be collected at time of final payment.
If Client chooses to serve alcoholic beverages, Client shall follow rules and regulations as stated in above contract §3(D). 
Payment Schedule:
                                                 Reservation Deposit of $____________ + $_____________ tax                    $______
                                                 Damage Deposit of      $_____________                                                    $______
                                                 Final Rental Payment of $__________ + $___________ tax                         $______
                                                  Reception Catering Deposit of $________ + $_______ tax                          $______
                                                  Minimum Estimated Final Reception Catering Payment 
                                  $_______ + 20% SC of $______ and $______ tax & guest head count                         $______*
*This is the estimated final MINIMUM payment and may increase due to any additional menu price selections, final head
count and/or alcoholic beverages.
Menu Selection, Final Walk-Thru and Table requirements:  [DATE]_________________
Final Guarantee Due:   [DATE]_________________


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